Walking through Krakow

  A new week, another opportunity to think about a new trip. This time we arrive in Krakow, Poland. This was an adventure, another road trip that we`ve enjoyed a lot. We have spent two days on the road because we stopped for one night to rest in a very nice place, near the border, in Satu Mare, Romania. We really felt the winter on our way. The snow in Slovakia was wonderful. We had the privilege to see some amazing landscapes which we stored in our souls for eternity. Why did we choose Krakow? It was very hard to choose between Warsaw and Krakow. But we chose Krakow for its historical importance, because we wanted to visit Auschwitz and also we thought that it will be less crowded. What we did / saw and we liked: If you are going in the winter holidays you’ll find a very beautiful Christmas Market in the main Market square.The beautiful medieval architecture is completed by the presence of many street artists. In this area I felt like I was inside a fortress, the walls are really impressive. In this area you have a lot of options. You can enjoy The Christmas Market and its decorations including a big Christmas tree, all surrounded by lots of food small places. You can also have fun on a horse ride or you can get warm in an elegant restaurant or a rustic pub. There is a variety of museums including wax museums, torture museums.                 ...


Walking through Bruges, with a little stop in Gent and Louvain

  It has frozen outside and I am a lucky lady to be able to sit on my couch with a cup of cocoa while listening some carols in the background.  Actually, that’s what makes me think about fairy cities. That’s why I decided to write this week about Bruges and another two beautiful cities from Belgium, Gent and Louvain. When I say Belgium, the first think that comes in my mind is Chocolate and then beer.  Of course, that depends on each one tastes, especially when asking the opinion from a man’s side. Most probably, you got the point of it. Belgium is the place of the chocolate heaven because everywhere you go you smell and see chocolate, so it’s a MUST to taste the Belgian chocolate. Even more than that, you get the extra bonus if vising residents from Bruges as they may have their own home chocolate factories. People are doing their own chocolate with recipes from their ancestors. (aka grand grand grand and so grand continuing list grandpa’s). So, be sure that it will be the kind of unique experience you are going to have. Well, as I know that there may be as well some gentlemen reading my stories around here, I would like to make them happy and say that Belgium is also the beer heaven. More specifically, people from here love the beer so much that they even built a beer pipeline. This occurred for the first time in the world and it has been inaugurated like...


Walking Through Prague

Prague   Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas is coming, so I’ll write about a very beautiful place where you can spend the winter holidays. Besides the gorgeous architecture of the city, Prague also has an amazing Christmas market. I was lucky to discover this place and I was surprised by its beauty. I think that this city is a place with so much touristic potential and it is not so popular like others capitals. For me, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I think that it should be on everybody’s wish list. I was in love in this city, I fell in love also with this city and every time I think about it, a smile appears on my face. This places charmed me and I feel like I was so amazed that I don’t remember so many things, but when I look at the pictures, I realize that it really happened, I was there. I love road trips because they make the journey way more interesting.  Even though you don’t have time to stop sometimes at least you have the opportunity to see many beautiful places and to admire the surroundings. We went by car in Prague. We drove for 17 hours, but on our way back we stopped for a night because we were very tired after visiting and celebrating the new year.   It was an amazing place for Christmas and New year. First on “must see” list is the Old...



I love Italy and Milan is the perfect destination for a citybreak. If you want to go for a trip until Christmas or you are looking for Christmas presents this the right place where you can combine shooping and the pleasure to discover new places. Milan is a place where I had the pleasure to go in many periods of the year and each time I was very surprised and impressed by the surroundings. If in my last article about Paris I wrote that you need more than a month to see and do everything you have to there, this time I have a good news, three days in Milan is enough to see the most important attractions. I will write a lot about Italy because is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. I love their food, their ice cream, the breakfast full of nutella and sweet little things, I love the fact and anywhere you’ll go there is something fascinating to see. Italy is like and open space museum. Returning to Milan: First on the list is Il Duomo. You can’t miss this cathedral. It left me breathless on the first look. This is a building with an impressive architecture both inside and outside. I recommend to climb on its rooftop because from there you can admire better the architecture and you cand have a look from the height of Piazza Del Duomo. 2.Around Il duomo there are a lot on strets where you can walk...