Walking around the wonders of the ancient world (Cairo, Egypt)

The long-awaited trip to Cairo. Cairo (in Arabic القاهرة, Al-Qāhirah, meaning "the triumphant", "the overwhelming"). I have always wondered how it is to walk on that ground and to be in front of the wonders of the ancient world. Here's how I finally found the answer. As I wrote in the previous article about Egypt, we stayed in Hurghada, where we enjoyed the sea and the golden sand, but most of all we wanted to visit the pyramids and as much as possible the fascinating universe of Egypt that was once upon a time. The road from Hurghada to Cairo was about 8 hours. We left at 1 o'clock at night, and caught the sunrise on the road, and in the first hour of the morning we broke into the chaos of Cairo. I want to confess that I did not expect it to be the way I saw it, I did not look for information before because I wanted to be surprised and the truth is that I was. Until we arrived to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx we crossed the city. The capital of Egypt is a place filled with the history of mankind, where you are fascinated and shocked at the same time, where you have to deal with the chaos that surrounds you. There are no traffic lights or traffic rules, you have the impression that the cars will always trample, but the pedestrians have no fear. You'll meet in the traffic with donkeys who struggle to shoot a bitter...


Walking through the ancient city of Theba (Luxor), Egypt

I dreamed, I wished, and I waited so long to get to Egypt, and here I finally did it. Little by little I was fascinated by this world, I never get enough to read books about the pharaohs, about the life there, about all those mysteries. It's just fascinating. When you get there and drown and breathe among the wonders of the world, you feel you do not need anything else. Beyond history, culture and religion, Egypt is also a treasure from the point of view of art, gastronomy and entertainment. I'll give you all the details of our visit to Luxor, the former city of Teba, but first I will write to you more about our trip to Egypt. We managed to get there in August, I know everyone recommends not to go in the summer months, but I did not mind. I love the warmth and the sun, so when the wind blows and I feel the hot air as I walk through my hair, it just seemed wonderful! In addition, the temperature was not much higher than in Greece during the same period of the year. So if you like Greece in the summer, you will surely like Egypt as well. To go to Egypt you need: Tourist Visa. The travel document used ( passport or temporary temporary passport) must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt. The tourist visa can be obtained very simply at the airport, the cost of which is about 25 USD. We...


Spinoa. The healthy journey of the taste buds

My story with Spinoa started four months ago. I met them at one of the many events they attended this year. I have always been interested in products that can help me have a healthier lifestyle and who support it. I am also happy to discover, try and recommend products such as Spinoa. The biggest trust is the experience of people with the product. How was this connection between me and Spinoa created? I think that simply when people have a common interest, that to lead a healthier life, the connection is instantly created. Spinoa’s mission is to cultivate a better world, with spirulina. The way they present their products, the passion they talk about, the fact that they are interested in helping people with a product they trust 100%, all helped them grow in one year, while others in ten . What are Spinoa's products and what's so good about them. The main ingredient is obviously SPIRULINA!   Spirulina handicraft, everyday superfood or how I like to say to her: Green gold. Spirulina has been declared the 21st century superfood due to its easy and sustainable way of growing, and also the many benefits it has for the people. Even NASA uses it for astronauts during space missions. Spirulina is a controversial food on the one hand, because its qualities are extraordinary, but the most important is the source from where it comes from, because if it is not a good source, controlled and tested, you can not trust it. They work with small scale farmers from...


Greece, my love! Stories from Corfu island

I always loved going to the sea. My great loves are the summer and the sea, this fatal combination always has the power to deeply relax and make me very happy. After a holiday in Greece, life has a much tougher and more beautiful taste, and the memories you make there and the pictures you take in your heart will stay there the year round. Only when you hear something about that pearl of Europe, a smile will instantly appear on your face. It is a balm for muddy, stressful and tiring days. Greece, my love. Our adventure took place in Corfu. From Bucharest we started on the road and the first stop was obviously in Thessaloniki. By car from Bucharest to Igoumenitsa port, from where you get on the ferry to the island of Corfu, it is around 1000 km. We preferred a stop on the way to rest and visit the city of Thessaloniki if it was on our way. The fuel costs around 350 euros for a return journey, and the ferry tax is about 50 euros for a car and 2 passengers. 1. Thessaloniki was founded by Cassandra of Macedonia [5] in 315 BC, and so named in honor of his wife, daughter of Philip II, Thessalonica, the step-sister of Alexander the Great. The name of Thessalonica comes from the contraction of the Greek words of Thessalian ( Thessalón, in Greek: "thessali") and victory ("victory"), commemorating the victory of the Macedonians over the inhabitants of Focida, with the...


Discover Bulgaria

When it's hot outside and it's officially summer, wherever you are, the thought is still flying on vacation! You do not have to have 2 weeks at your disposal and a few thousand euros to taste from Paradise. Because it's only a border distance away! I was happy to discover Bulgaria. Every time I had a free weekend and started the season, we went to the sea on the Romanian seaside, but one day we decided to go a little further. Just three hours away from Bucharest, Bulgaria surprised me in a very pleasant way. We found wonderful places for the most epic photos, we found white and fine sandy beach beaches and crystal clear water, a green oasis, lots of history, a castle, a beautiful botanical garden, and people ready to make your holidays more beautiful. At prices similar to those on our seaside, if not even more convenient sometimes cost / price ratio, Bulgaria is a great idea for a short escapade. Just as much as you need to recharge your batteries and enjoy the summer until the long-awaited trip comes. Spread over a length of nearly 400 km, the seaside in Bulgaria includes a spectacular variety of resorts and towns where you can spend your holiday with your family or a bunch of friends. It is impossible for someone not to find a destination to his liking and not to enjoy beautiful beaches and quality tourist services. Here's what we managed to discover and we fell in love irremediably.   1.Tyulenovo It is a favorite...