The art is happening at the Artists’s nest and it is UAU

The art is happening. At the “Artists’s nest” the art is really happening. It is a place where the people are nourishing with art and they never get tired of doing it. I had the luck to discover this place in a ‘UAU’ project. This is the name of our theater show that will have the premiere on 18th February. There’s no place I rather be this week than Artists’s nest, because we are going to play UAU everyday starting 18th February until 24th February, twice per night. Don’t forget to make a reservation. Besides the joy of working to as new theater play and character, I had the opportunity to meet on stage my dear colleagues, fact that made me so happy. Tesla generation rocks!  In this UAU theater show I’ll be playing next to: Vlad Basarabescu, one of the first’s members of artists’s nest, Adrian Piciorea, Carla Mihai, Gloria Melu, Frederic Negrescu and Cătălin Gheorghiu. We are waiting for you every night to be UAU together. Let me tell the story I discovered about this place, I heard some think, but now I can tell you what and how I felt being there. Artists’s nest is a dream that become come true 4 years ago and since then it grew up in one year like others in ten. It started from a discussion in train between two young and ambitious dreamers: Victor Ţăpeanu and Vlad. Victor could not pull out of his head an idea, to bring an european form of theater that he discovered in...


A road trip beyond imagination/ Romania

I`ve been the lucky girl who had the opportunity to show to a friend from England our beauties. He came in Romania to discover and immortalize it. Khurum Khan. Here is the link with the short movie we did during 4 days : Share it if you like it. Thursday we went straight from Otopeni to Brasov. I said that the coolest thing is to travel with friends, but I discovered that the best is to make friends traveling. Me and Khurum met last year at the Cannes Film Festival, and at that time I have never thought that he’ll come to visit Romania, it looks like I convinced him. He come with a friend, Alina and until Brasov, the coils, fresh air and mountains united us and made us wish for anothers road trips togheter.     I am a lucky person, and I lucky one had amazing friends, and now I introduce to you: Teodora Toader. She was our Fast and Furious driver. Friday morning we wanted to Bâlea lake, where because of the wheter was impossible to go, but Bâlea Falls was amazing. And then we went to the Bran Castel (Dracula’s Castel). Noi I was the opportunity to say thank you to one of the biggest designers from Romania Doina Levinta, she helped us to be part of the picture with two amazing dresses. Saturday we explored Brasov. And then went to the Râșnov Fortress.   Sunday we went to Bucharest ,but we took the chance and visited Bolboci Lake.   It was an amazing trip. With tiredness, smiles, friends, feet...