poza cv

AGE: 24



EYE COLOR: brown eyes

HAIR COLOR: medium brown




In present, Cezara Munteanu  is studing Acting at UNATC – the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest, Romania and will graduated in June 2016.

Since 2014, she has collaborated with the National Theater Bucharest and with “Ion Dacian” National Operetta Theatre since 2015.

She joined the team of Magic Theatre in 2015. She represented Romania at the Universal Exhibition in Milan (EXPO Milan) in 2015.

Since 2014 she is part of the crue of Dan Puric.

She was part of the Atelierul de Teatru since 2009 until 2014.

In addition to acting, Cezara loves playing piano and flute and enjoy writting.

She loves to dance, she practiced all kinds of dance (including step) and she flirts with pantomime.

Recently began practicing magic.





  • 2013- U.N.A.T.C. “I.L.Caragiale” Section Acting, Adrian Titieni class, Bucharest;
  • 2009- 2013- National College “Mihai Eminescu” Botosani;
  • 2001- 2009- Art School “Stefan Luchian” Botosani.


Experience in theater :

  • “Ion Dacian” National Operetta Theatre the show ” Paris, mon amour,” directed by Razvan Ioan Dincă– role: Magician (2015);
  • National Theatre Bucharest, the show “Insira-te mărgărite”, directed by Dan Puric – roles: Russian woman, Spanish woman, tree, howler, Italian woman, Bat, Lady of the court, peasant woman (2014);
  • Visual art performing, directed by Marjin Ottenhof, role: The Caretaker (2015);

U.N.A.T.C. :

  • Ninth step- Performance license, role- Melissa, directed by Mihaela Betiu (2016);
  • Blue Hour- Performance license, role- B Man, directed by Andreea Vulpe (2016);
  • Roles in college: Othello (Shakespeare), role- Desdemona; The Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare ), role- Adriana; A Stormy Night (I.L.Caragiale), role- Veta; Platonov (Chekhov), role- Sofia Egorovna; Cat on a hot roof teen (Tennessee Williams), role- Maggie, directed by Irina Banea; The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare), role- Catarina; Uncle Vanya (Chekhov), role- Sonia / Elena Andreevna; From the Carnival (I.L.Caragiale), role- Mita.
  • 2009-2013: Performance in Atelierul de teatru directed by Teodora Moraru Lenus:
  • School of Gufi by Matthew Vişniec (comedy), role- ciufucică;
  • Ivona by Witold Gombrowicz, role-Yolanda;
  • “Momo or the strange story of the girl who returned stolen people’s time” after a fairytale – novel by Michael Ende, role- Agent Blw/553/C, Bibigirl;
  • Recipe for love by Sabina Balan (comedy), role – Alice;
  • Game of vacation by Mihail Sebastian (comedy), role- girl travelers;
  • Box by Sabina Balan, role- She;
  • Timmy by Sabina Balan, role- Alice;
  • Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind, role- Wendla;
  • Pygmalion by Geroge Bernard Shaw, role- Elvira;
  • Am pitici pe creier.wordpress.com by Ilinca Prisacariu, role- Ada;
  • Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro, role- Miss Lucy.



  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Arts Festival for high school students “Florian Pittis”, Bucharest, for Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2013);
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the National Theatre Festival for high school students “Fingerprints”, Brasov, Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Festival Performing Contest “Mihail Sorbu” Botosani for Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the National Festival of Young Theatre “Ideo Ideis” Alexandria, Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the “Lyceum”, Botosani edition XVI, for the role of Liz , from the show “Doctor Timmy” by Sabina Balan (2012 );
  • Grand Trophy of the Festival “Jos Palaria” in Bucharest with “Am pitici pe creier.wordpress.com”, directed by Cezara Munteanu  and Ilinca Anamaria Prisacariu  (2013);
  • 3rd prize at the “Lyceum” festival, Botosani for the show  “Am pitici pe creier.wordpress.com”  directed by Cezara Munteanu and Ilinca Anamaria Prisacariu (2012).




  • Laundry, directed by Diana Adina Savin (2016);
  • Cupid, directed by Cristian Simionescu (2015);
  • Small Treatise on god body, directed by Andreea Dobre (2015);
  • Waiting for Santa, directed by Vlad Ghinea (2014);
  • Enjoy the silence, directed by Vlad Ghinea (2014);
  • Agoraphobia, directed by Miro Mastropasqua (2014);
  • Youth, directed by Andreea Dobre (2014);
  • Strawberries, directed by Adina Diana Savin (2014);
  • Document, directed by Ioana Tarchila (2013).




Medium Length Film:


  • Tibi, directed by Dan Iliuta, leading role: Ioana (film accepted in the competition section of the Cannes shortcuts 2015).


Music Videos:


  • The Kryptonite Sparks – Şi golanii beau ceai.


Commercials: Commercial It Galaxy (2014); Spot Antena 1 (2014), Spot Omv (2013 ).


Festivals and workshops:


  • Participant at the Cannes International Film Festival – (2015);
  • Paricipant the experimental film workshop within BIEFFE Nisi Masa – (2013-2016);
  • Festival Theatre Director “Amfiteatru” Botosani (2013);
  • Paricipant Young Theatre Festival Ideo Ideis – Alexandria (2009-2013);
  • Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2012 – participation with “Momo, or the strange story of the girl who returned stolen people’s time”;
  • Paricipant at Ingenious Drama Festival- Bacau (2009-2013);
  • Participant Magic Fest- Suceava (2009- 2013);
  • Paricipant Festival “Florian Pittis” (2009- 2013);
  • Paricipant Festival comedy “Jos Pălăria” (2010- 2013);
  • Participant Theatre Festival “Fingerprints” – Brasov (2012- 2013);
  • Paricipant Theatre Festival “Michael Sorbu” – Botosani (2013);
  • Organizer of the Festival Theatre “Amfiteatru”- Botosani (2012);
  • Festival Amfiteatru- show Guest (2016) – Treapta a noua, directed by Mihaela Betiu.


Knowledge and skills:

English- advanced;

French- medium;

Spanish- beginner;

ECDL Core Certificate – complet.


Vocal Skills, Piano, Flute, Magic Tricks, Dance, Show Dance, Contemporary Dance, Classical Dance, Modern Dance, Street Dance, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Fencing, Stage Combat, Step, Popular Dance, Gag.


Driving license category B.