poza cv

AGE: 25



EYE COLOR: brown eyes

HAIR COLOR: medium brown




Cezara Munteanu studied Acting at UNATC – the National University of Theater and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest, Romania. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in June 2016 and Master degree in June 2018. 

In present she collaborates with many theaters in Bucharest, state and independent.

She represented Romania at the Universal Exhibition in Milan (EXPO Milan) in 2015 and played her theater shows in many places in Romania and over the border.

In addition to acting, Cezara loves singing, playing piano and flute and enjoy writing.

She loves to dancing, she practiced all kinds of dance (including step) and she flirts with 


She adores traveling and she wants to see the whole world.





  • 2016-2018 U.N.A.T.C. “I.L.Caragiale” Section Acting, Tania Filip class, Bucharest;
  • 2013-2016  U.N.A.T.C. “I.L.Caragiale” Section Acting, Adrian Titieni class, Bucharest;
  • 2009- 2013- National College “Mihai Eminescu” Botosani;
  • 2001- 2009- Art School “Stefan Luchian” Botosani.


Knowledge and skills:


  • Spoken languages:   Romanian*, English**, French, Spanish (* native, ** fluent )
  • Music and dance: *piano, *singing, flute, ballet, contemporary dance, *society dance, * modern dance, *show dance, sportive dance, tap dance.(* advanced )
  • Sports : swimming, fitness, jogging, yoga, *biking, roller skating, ice skating, sky, horse riding .(*advanced)
  • Driver License: category B


Another skills: fights, *work with a mask (Commedia Dell’Arte, clown), pantomime.

Experience in theater:



  • Wanted, directed by Nugnes Massimiliano, Breasla Actorilor, role: Speloncina (Commedia Dell’Arte)
  • WOW, directed by Vlad Basarabescu, Cuibul artistilor, Role: Ilona



  • The Union photograph, directed by Felix Crainicu, CCUNB, Role: Ecaterina Mârza
  • The odd Couple, directed by Diana Păcurar, Teatrul Elisabeta, Role:Cecily
  • Caragiale Express, directed by Diana Pacurar, Godot Café Teatru, Role: Miţa
  • Footloose (musical), directed by Gabriela Dumitru, Teatrul Metropolis, Role: Urleen



  • Chicago(musical), directed by Andreea Iacomiţă, UNATC, Role:Roxie Hart/ 
  • Servant of 5 Maters (Commedia Dell’Arte), directed by  Mihai Gruia Sandu,Unatc, Role: Fiorella



  • Ninth step-, directed by Mihaela Betiu, Arte Dell’Anima,  role- Melissa
  • Fugato Labile Pour Camille Claudel, directed by Liana Ceterchi, Asociatia pentru Femei “If, daca”


  • Ion Dacian” National Operetta Theater the show ” Paris, mon amour,” directed by Razvan Ioan Dincă– role: Magician 
  • National Theater Bucharest, the show “Insira-te mărgărite”, directed by Dan Puric – roles: Russian woman, Spanish woman, tree, howler, Italian woman, Bat, Lady of the court, peasant woman 
  • Visual art performing, directed by Marjin Ottenhof, role: The Caretaker  
  • Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro, role- Miss Lucy.


  • Public’s choice award for best Actress, The young Actors Gala (2018, Gala Hop)
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Arts Festival for high school students “Florian Pittis”, Bucharest, for Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2013);
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the National Theater Festival for high school students “Fingerprints”, Brasov, Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Festival Performing Contest “Mihail Sorbu” Botosani for Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the National Festival of Young Theatre “Ideo Ideis” Alexandria, Wendla role in the play “Spring Awakening” (2012);
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the “Lyceum”, Botosani edition XVI, for the role of Liz , from the show “Doctor Timmy” by Sabina Balan (2012 );
  • Grand Trophy of the Festival “Jos Palaria” in Bucharest with “Am pitici pe creier.wordpress.com”, directed by Cezara Munteanu  and Ilinca Anamaria Prisacariu  (2013);
  • 3rd prize at the “Lyceum” festival, Botosani for the show  “Am pitici pe creier.wordpress.com”  directed by Cezara Munteanu and Ilinca Anamaria Prisacariu (2012).




  • Let’s get out of here, directed by Cristian Pascariu (2018);
  • Ilie, directed by Gherhard Dudu(2017);
  • About Romania by Khurum Khan(2017); 
  • Laundry, directed by Diana Adina Savin (2016);
  • Cupid, directed by Cristian Simionescu (2015);
  • Ploua cu soare by Andrada Botezatu(2015);
  • Small Treatise on god body, directed by Andreea Dobre (2015);
  • Waiting for Santa, directed by Vlad Ghinea (2014);
  • Enjoy the silence, directed by Vlad Ghinea (2014);
  • Agoraphobia, directed by Miro Mastropasqua (2014);
  • Youth, directed by Andreea Dobre (2014);
  • Strawberries, directed by Adina Diana Savin (2014);
  • Document, directed by Ioana Tarchila (2013).


Medium Length Film:

  • Tibi, directed by Dan Iliuta, leading role: Ioana (film accepted in the competition section of the Cannes shortcuts 2015). 


Music Videos:

  • The Kryptonite Sparks – Şi golanii beau ceai.
  • Doddy- Uită-mă
  • Andrei Neagu- Camera ta
  • Spike- Manele

Commercials: Commercial It Galaxy (2014); Spot Antena 1 (2014), Spot Omv (2013 ).


Festivals and workshops:

  • Film acting workshop with Mel Churcher, organized by the film director Cristina Iacob, 2019;
  • Rhythm and theater workshop with Muriel Manea, Turda International Theater Festival, 2018;
  • Workshop Commedia Dell`Arte with Dl. Michele Modesto Casarin, Bucuresti, 2018;
  • Workshop clowns with Stefan Haves, UNATC Bucureşti, 2016;
  • Workshop applied on Macbeth, W.Shakespeare, coordinated by Kiss Csaba, UNATC Bucuresti, 2016;
  • Workshop applied on Hamlet, W.Shakespeare, coordinated by Kiss Csaba, UNATC Bucuresti 2015;Participant at the Cannes International Film Festival – (2015);
  • Participant the experimental film workshop within BIEFFE Nisi Masa – (2013-2016);
  • Festival Theater Director “Amfiteatru” Botosani  (2013);
  • Participant Young Theater Festival Ideo Ideis – Alexandria (2009-2013);
  • Sibiu International Theater Festival 2012 – participation with “Momo, or the strange story of the girl who returned stolen people’s time”;
  • Participant at Ingenious Drama Festival- Bacau (2009-2013);
  • Participant Magic Fest- Suceava (2009- 2013);
  • Participant Festival “Florian Pittis” (2009- 2013);
  • Participant Festival comedy “Jos Pălăria” (2010- 2013);
  • Participant Theater Festival “Fingerprints” – Brasov (2012- 2013);
  • Participant Theater Festival “Michael Sorbu” – Botosani (2013);
  • Organizer of the Festival Theater “Amfiteatru”- Botosani (2012);
  • Festival Amfiteatru- show Guest (2016) – Treapta a noua, directed by Mihaela Betiu.