Home Made Chocolate

Do you miss the taste of childhood? This is the best homemade chocolate recipe. A recipe that will delight all loved ones and you will not believe how easy it is! It is creamy, it is not soft or hard, it seems to me that it has the ideal texture. Here is the filmed recipe, and below I give you all the details! You need: 300 g of sugar 30 ml of water 300 g milk powder 50 g of cocoa 150 g butter nuts / cashews to taste   Melt the sugar with water. When the sugar starts to bubble we add the butter. Meanwhile, mix the powdered milk with the cocoa. After the butter has melted, add the powdered milk and mix well, then add the walnuts. Put in a form, leave to cool until it hardens. (Minimum 2 hours) We cut to taste and enjoy. Good appetite! If you like the recipe, I invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel! ...


Raw Vegan Cake, Recipe and Interview with Ioana Ginghina

  Hello my dear ones I'm really happy to see you again at "Wednesday's Recipe"! This week I have a surprise for you. I had a special guest in my kitchen. Ioana Ginghină, I am convinced that you all know her and that you read her posts on  http://ioanaginghina.ro/  Today we will make Raw Vegan Cake together. It sounds pretentious, but it is very easy to do and not expensive at all. It's sugar-free and flour-free, so it's super healthy and nutritious. It is a refreshing dessert, straight from the freezer. Here is the video with the recipe explained and with all the discussion I had with Ioana, and below you have the written recipe. We'll make a two-layer Raw Vegan Cake.   We will need:   For the first layer: 250 grams of hydrated cashews (at least 2 hours) 50 grams of honey 50-70 grams of coconut oil. 100 ml (if needed, depending on the texture we get)   For the second layer (the pink one) 250 grams of hydrated cashews (at least 2 hours) 50 grams of honey 50-70 grams of coconut oil. 70 grams frozen fruits (we used cherries, but you can also use blueberries or strawberries) And forest fruits to decorate. First, we make the white countertop. Put all the ingredients in a good blender (we had a thermo-mix) and let them mix well. When we have obtained a creamy paste, we put it in the forms and put it in the freezer for at least an hour. Then we deal with the second countertop. We put in the blender all the ingredients...