Walking through Paris

Paris is one of my favourite destinations and I love going there anytime I have this opportunity. I love to travel and to discover the world and I`m sure that annywhere you go you’ll find something amazing, special and interesting to see. Although, there are some places where you fell that you can go again and again. This happened to me in Paris. This bohemian city, always crowded and full of curious tourists, deserves to be visited at any time of the year. Of course, it is very important to know what you want to discover when you go to a new city, if you prefer indoor spaces, museums, exhibitions, cathedrals, chic restaurants or if you like to take it from place to place and admire the surroundings. Personally, I love to combine them, but when I have a little time in a city, I prefer to feel the outside vibration. Going on the streets, admiring the architecture of the buildings, resting on a bench in a park, and then going to the next point of attraction. I do not always follow a map, I love exploring and I also like to let myself guided by my inner map and to listen to my instinct because I know it will lead me to wonderful places that I want to see. Returning to the Paris trip, here are some conclusions and places that remain in my heart in a random order, because I don`t know if I could class them: 1. Le Tour Eiffel can be...