Rhodos, Greece


Hello dear ones, I am glad to come to you this week with the experience I had in Rhodes.

Was awesome!

A place that I wholeheartedly recommend you visit.

You have the vlog here, and below I leave you some details and photos.



Our trip was 7 nights, 8 days.

I left Bucharest by plane. When we arrived at the airport, the gentleman from the agency where we had rented the car with a name plate was waiting for us.

I paid for 8 days = 175 euros, and the gas for all the walks I did was 80 euros.

This is the website where we rented the car. I highly recommend them, they were very nice, we rented a bigger car because we were 5 people and we had a lot of luggage. I did not need any deposit or advance. I paid when I got to the airport and that was it.

Because our flight was in the evening, we decided to stay in Rhodes Town (which is a 20 minute drive from the airport) on the first night and set off on the 2nd day to the resort where we were staying – Kiotari (43 km) of Rhodos Town).

We visited Old Town Rhodes both day and evening and it is simply charming: the Palace of the Grand Masters (entrance 8 euros), Knights Street, the alleys, the port, the place where the Colossus of Rhodes was, everything is absolutely gorgeous.

Note: Excursions to Simi Island are made only from the port of Rhodes. We failed to make this trip, but it remained on the list for next time.


The next day, after visiting Rhodes, we set off for Kiotari at the Rhodes Princess Beach Hotel. (Kiotari-Rhodos Town = 43 km)

I’ll tell you what I visited, but you have more images and information about locations in Vlog.



Lindos (it is a 10-15 minute drive from Kiotari, so about an hour and 15 from Rhodes town) – The most beautiful resort in Rhodes. a white town with a beach of fine sand and clear, warm water. In addition to the city of Lindos that is worth visiting, here you will also find the Acropolis of Rhodes (entrance 12 euros), which I advise you to reach. From above, on the Acropolis you can see St. Paul’s Bay, which has the shape of a blue heart. It seems unreal, but it is true and so beautiful. We also rented a boat from Lindos to explore the surroundings. The boat for one hour costs 80 euros, for 2 hours 140 euros (fuel is included)


Tsambika Monastery (25 km from Rhodes, near the village of Arhangelor). A monastery located on top of a mountain. you have to climb 300 stairs to reach it. “Legend has it that in the 15th century the icon of the Virgin Mary disappeared from Cyprus and arrived here in Rhodes. A young shepherd saw flames at the top of the mountain at night. Thinking that they were evil, he asked the villagers for help, they went up armed, but the surprise was great when they saw only a lighted candle next to the icon of the Virgin. The news reached Cyprus, the monks there asked for it back, it was returned to them, but it disappeared again and returned to the same place. So, they all decided to leave it here and build a place ”. Since then and until now, thousands of women come to the monastery and pray to get pregnant. Many miracles have happened.



Tsambika Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes. Sandy beach, warm water and smooth entrance.


Prasonisi (located 27 km from Kiotari, Prasonisi-Rhodos Town = 92 km) The place where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. A place with a special energy, according to wind surfing enthusiasts. Sandy beach, from where you can admire the most beautiful sunset.




Kalithea Springs, located near Rhodes Town, only 9 km away) – entrance costs 5 euros. It’s a story!


Anthony Queen Bay – a beautiful bay with extremely blue water, a suitable place for snorkeling. It’s a rocky beach.


We felt that we needed more time for this trip to be able to see Simi Island and rest, to spend more time at the beach.

Not to mention the delicious food, the beautiful taverns and the welcoming atmosphere of the Greeks.

I recommend you to see this island, because it is the most loved by the gods.

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See you next time!

Sincerely, Cezara




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