Juliet for a day/ Walking around Verona



Verona is the dream city! It is the third largest in northeast Italy and it represents one of the main attractions of this amazing country. William Shakespeare has contributed to its fame by placing the action of one of the most important love stories from our universal literature here.“Romeo and Juliet” love story happened in Verona, and that’s why milions of tourists are coming every day to visit it, because they want to feel and the see the place of pure love.

Verona is like an open space museum because you find roman vestiges at each step. The patterns of the renaissance style are everywhere, the beautiful gardens and the large windows will make you fall in love with this city. The architecture of the buildings introduces you in long gone times. Just amazing! It was such a pleasure to visit it.

I can’t not to mention that I love Italy! I think that every time it has something special to offer to me from all points of view.
We had just one day in Verona. Oh, how much I wished for more. I know that there are a lot of extraordinary places that missed, but here is what we saw and it was wonderful.

  1.  Adige River. This river crosses Verona. In the past it used to be a very important point pf communication, today it is a very significant tourists’ attraction because you can enjoy a boat ride along this river. Just another charming perspective of the city. The course river crosses the old town like a horseshoe. It has 13 bridges which are lovely.
  2.  The second on our must-see list was Juliet’s house. Even though everyone knows that Romeo and Juliet weren’t real, everyone enjoys to accept the convention. In the courtyard it is a statue of Juliet. It has been said that if you touch the right breast of her, you’ll have luck in love. So, everybody was so excited to be very lucky. Her house is a museum where the furniture of the dining room, the bedroom, and the fireplace are reminiscent of the simple 12th-century noble lifestyle, full of paintings describing the passionate love of Romeo and Juliet. There were love declarations everywhere, but of course the main attraction was Juliet’s balcony. I found out that at the beginning this house didn’t had a balcony, but it was attached to the house later, because this is such an important element in Shakespeare’s theater play.
  3. Piazza delle Erbe. In the past, in the Roman empire period this was the forum and the city center. Today here is a market where you find souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and many nice things that you’ll enjoy.
  4. The Arena. This is an architectural example from the Roman empire times. Our ancients used it for gladiators’ fights. At the end of the fight the area was cleaned and covered with sand that the blood of the victim to be absorbed. In this place also were burned at the stake the ones accused of heresy. The Arena is used and today but with very different ways. Here are taking place different shows, concerts, festivals. It is 139m long, 110m high oval, 32m high, with 44 rows of red marble seats stacking from high to low, containing over 30,000 audiences.
  5. Lamberti Tower is the highest building in Verona. It is 82 meters high and was built in 1772. Like in Bologna or Ferrara it symbolize the power and the wealth of the nobiliar family. In the XV century it was hit by a lightning. After 50 years they rebuilt it taller that before. The tower has two bells, the big one called Rengo to shake the whole council meeting, the little Marangona signaled the fire and the hour. Climbing 238 steps you’ll reach the top of the tower, there is the elevator for anyone who is weak health. Once you get there just enjoy the scenery! It is magic!
  6. Palazzo Barbieri is close to the Arena. It is a neo-classic construction and now it serves as the City Hall.
  7.  The streets of Verona are gorgeous! I could have walked around all days. You’ll be hypnotized by the colours and arhitecture. You never know which amazing square you’ll find by following them. Every where you’ll find nice coffee shops and restaurants where you can relax.For example, Piazza dei Signori or Piazza Dante it is a very popular place because there are a lot of monuments and historical buildings that you’ll definitely want to admire.

This was Verona about, love and love stories! A romantic and beautiful city that you don’t have to miss because it has a very special vibration!

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